May. 14th, 2012

metaphorliteral: (we bleed the ink of subtle allegory)
Lay them out carefully:
here, the Queen of Cups
covered by the Knight of Wands,
crossed by the King of Swords.

You are an emotional dreamer.

Beware a young person with a temper
and an intellectual man.

In the past, the Three of Cups,
and the future is Temperance.

Your days of happiness are behind you.
Perhaps you can try to salvage some scraps.

Above, in favor, the Lovers,
below, the Two of Swords.

Soon you will be required to make a choice--
or perhaps you can try to combine the options,
take a little bit of everything,
stack the deck in your favor.

Seek balance. Weigh your choices.

untitled 3

May. 14th, 2012 06:17 pm
metaphorliteral: (in the process)
You disarm me.
For you, I'll bare my throat.
For you, I'll submit.
For you, I'll show my vulnerabilities
and beg you to take advantage of them
shivering under your fingertips when you do.
For you and no one else
I will lay down in your arms
and close my eyes, and sleep.
metaphorliteral: (play crack the sky)
My ship has come in
after I spent so long in my lighthouse
guiding it safely to shore.
For all those nights I blinked my light
hoping you'd see and understand
a message of hope--
and then-- sails on the horizon
steadily approaching my quiet beach.
I didn't sit here waiting.
It's hard work to run a lighthouse
but it's vital--
maybe I saved your life with my beacon.

Maybe I saved my own.

Come into my harbor, where I wait on the dock--
throw me a rope, let me secure you here.
Show me what you brought from distant lands,
unload your burdens.

Stay here a while
and write your name on the white sand beach
in stones and shells that will stay
long after the day you sail away.


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